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Listening to Audio Samples

audio.gif You can hear recordings or synthesizer demos of many works on this site.  If audio is available for a work,  you will see "Listen" links listed below the description, as pictured here. If you need help, see the FAQ, next.



I click on "Listen" but I don't hear anything!

You need a free software media player that you download over the Internet and install on your computer. Sound samples on this site are offered in two popular formats: Windows Media and QuickTime. (If you already have one of these and still have problems, you probably need a newer version -- see "Where Do I Get ...." below.)

Windows Media or QuickTime?

Use Windows Media for Windows PCs and QuickTime for Mac and iOS devices. Chromebooks and Android devices may be able to play one or both formats, depending on configuration. I'm working on an audio overhaul to make the clips more universally playable, but that will take time.

Where do I get Windows Media Player?

If you own a Windows-based computer, you almost certainly already have it, although you need version 9 or higher (it's easy to upgrade). Get the free player here:



Where do I get QuickTime Player?

If you have a Mac, you already have QuickTime (sound familiar?). You need version 4 and higher for the samples on this site. Download the free player here: