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Viewing Sample Scores

viewscore.gif Evaluation scores in PDF format are available for most works on this site. Look for "View Score" and the PDF icon, as pictured here. Clicking here will automatically open the music on a properly configured system. If it doesn't, read the FAQ, next.


I clicked "view score" but it doesn't work...

You need to install the free Adobe Reader software (Version 5 or higher) in order to open the PDF score preview files on this website. If you already have it but still can't open the link, you probably need to update to the newest version.

Download the free software here:


What am I permitted to do with the PDF evaluation score?

You may print out one copy in order to evaluate the music. Please don't confuse the preview scores with free sheet music: they may not be duplicated or used for any kind of performance. The purchase of legal copies is how the composer and publisher get paid for their time and costs that go into making music available to you and your audiences.

Why are the scores fuzzy when I print them?

That's intentional -- the preview scores are a low-resolution image sufficient for evaluating the music but not very good for normal use. You'll also notice a "Do Not Copy" watermark throughout the file. Scores purchased from Yelton Rhodes Music are professionally printed at high resolution on heavyweight paper. 

The file doesn't automatically open. What do I do?

If you've installed a current version Acrobat Reader, try right-clicking (Mac: command-click) on the link and choosing the "save target as" or "save link as" options to download the file to a location on your hard drive, where you can open it manually

I love the music! Where do I buy performance copies?

You can easily order copies from Yelton Rhodes Music by phone, mail fax or email. Click here for instructions

Still need help? Contact me, and I'll be glad to assist you.